Laser Florence:
The Renaissance of Art, Science & Friendship

The series of courses and Laser Florence
congresses started in 1997 with three objectives:

Leonardo Longo, MD, President

  • to increase the number of physicians, engineers and scientists who
    correctly use lasers in medicine, surgery and human sciences
  • to facilitate the exchange of theoretical and practical experiences
    between different world wide schools of human sciences and medicine
    through discussion and demonstration
  • to foster contacts between industry, engineering, physics, medicine
    and surgery.

The first objective is achieved by the courses that are organized by our highly
respected faculty.

The second objective is achieved by the meeting, where pioneers in the
use of laser in medicine and surgery are selected as chairmen and invited

The last objective is achieved by the trade fair, with the presence of exhibitors
from some of the best industries of the world.

Many international institutions, universities and scientific societies agree
with this approach that has been developed for Laser Florence.

The choice of Florence for this event allows for attendees to experience the
history and art of the Italian Renaissance.

Indeed, the use of lasers in medicine, surgery and human sciences
represents a Renaissance of sorts in medical knowledge.

-- Leonardo Longo, MD, President