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Laser Florence next meeting: November 10th - 12th, 2017
Deadline for abstract submission: June 30th, 2017;
Deadline for complete paper submission: Sept. 30th, 2017
Pre-Conference Courses: November 9th, 201

Laser Florence is an International Meeting in Florence Italy with a series of
"short" courses. It offers state of the art of Laser Medical Technology and it is
recognized by outstanding national and international professional

The Conferences include the uses of optical and electronic instruments and
the chemical substances used with lasers. Topics of program will be the
uses of lasers in Medicine, Surgery, Biology, Veterinary, Basic Research,
Physics and Engineering.

Abstract books, proceedings and videotapes are available each year. If you
wish to order any of these materials, please contact us.

Many pioneers of Laser Medicine and Technology will speak about their
scientific experiences, comparing their views and experiences with other
attendees from many different countries, cultures, ages and specializations.

The International Congress of Laser Medicine will discuss what is new about
laser technology in the different sectors of medicine and surgery, encouraging
its correct use, especially regarding safety norms.

A plenary session will dedicated at the possible side effects and complication
of laser and light uses in medicine and surgery . Topic of another plenary
session will the comparison between the treatment with laser/light sources
and traditional tools, drugs, instrumentation.

The importance of laser beams in day surgery will underlined, so as the
scientific bases of non-surgical laser biomodulation.

All this will done in a friendly way, hoping that the scientific discussion will
give new positive conclusions, as was the case with the three previous
editions of Laser Florence.

The courses will show the state of the art on the uses of Laser technology for
diagnosis and treatment in various medical specialties, and the basis of laser
physics and engineering for physicians.

Each course is limited to a maximum of 20 participants and is composed of a
theoretical part and of a series of clinical cases to be treated "on the spot".

The courses are followed by discussion and final tests of self/teaching and
self/evaluation and are included in the Continued Medical Education Program
of the International Academy for Laser Medicine and Surgery and the
principal Institutions of different Countries.

The official language is English with Italian interpretation .The best
instrumentation will used during the Courses. Laser Florence 2004 expects
approximately 500 attendees, including 150 speakers, and 10 Exhibitors.
Workshops could be organized by Opinion's Leaders for all the people, not
only for the medical doctors. The goal is the diffusion of the right knowledge
of Laser Medicine and Surgery in the people, not only in the specialists.

Please click here to see the first announcement of the 2004 meeting together
with preliminary programs, list of Invited Speakers, International Scientific
Board and Patronages and the registration form with the Call for paper.

Our travel agent is ready to organize your trip and hotel reservation at special

The Abstracts of the meeting will be printed in peer scientific journal LASER
IN MEDICAL SCIENCE, Springer London Publisher, and the Proceedings by
the SPIE. Best lectures and best poster will awarded.

The Abstracts of the meeting will be printed in Internet in the "Academy
Laser Journal", and the Proceedings by the SPIE.

Laser Florence is recognized by many International Journals and Magazines,
by all the Italian Mass Media and sponsored by renowned Institutions,
Scientific Societies and Associations.

Please view here information about the venue for Laser Florence.

I look forward to seeing you at Laser Florence!

Best regards, Leonardo Longo, M.D.
President University of Siena