Laser Florence next meeting: November 10th - 12th, 2005
Deadline for abstract submission: June 30th, 2005;
Deadline for complete paper submission: Sept. 30th, 2005
Pre-Conference Courses: November 9th, 2005

Dr.s Longo, Maiman & Waidelich Dr. Longo and Isaac Kaplan

Hon. President: T. Maiman, PHD
President: L. Longo, MD
| Scientific Board | Program |

Program Chairpersons:

K. Khatri, MD, V. Oswal, MD; M.L. Pascu, PhD, W. Waidelich, PhD

Honorary Committee:

M.D’Ovidio, MD; A.Hofstetter, MD; I.Kaplan, MD; R.Malek, MD;
M.Postiglione, MD; A.Sona, PhD

Organizing And Scientific Committee:

J. Anders, PhD; B. Azaz, MD; G.D. Baxter, PhD; A. Baruchin, MD; J.
Basford, MD, PhD; P. Bugli, MD; S. Cavaliere, MD; A. Ignaciuk, MD; H.
Kato, PhD; V. Jeganathan, MD; P. Kuna, PhD; A. La Torre, MD; G.
Lynn-Powell, DDS; R. Lubart, PhD; S. Mancini, MD; P.P. Menchetti, MD; K.
Moghissi, MD, PhD; L. Navratil, PhD; K. Samoilova, PhD; N. Scuderi, MD; C.
Setacci, MD; P. Smalley, TN; E.P. Tomasini, Eng; J. Vaitkus, PhD; A.
Vaitkuviene, MD; R. Waidelich, MD; R. Waynant, PhD

Laser Florence is an international meeting held annually in Florence, Italy.  It
comprises a series of hands-on courses recognized by prominent
national and international professional organizations.

Topics will be the uses of lasers in Medicine, Surgery and Biology, in
Veterinary.  This year we added a plenary session on Side effects and
Complications of Laser treatment and how we can treated these.. We would
like to make also a comparison on treatments with Laser respect to other
therapies of different diseases.

Laser Florence encourages the sharing of knowledge amongst various
medical, biological, physics and engineering disciplines.  Our goal is that
the scientific discussion that takes place will give rise to new positive

The congress is attended by both pioneers of laser medicine and specialists
from  many medical disciplines and cultural backgrounds.  The meeting
is held in the spirit of friendship.

Many participants from around the world attend the congress each year.
This makes it possible for attendees from many different cultures to learn
from one another and compare their knowledge of laser technology.

Laser Florence welcomes companies who wish to exhibit at the meeting.
State-of-the-art laser and medical instrumentation provided by exhibiting
companies is used during the hands-on courses.

The official language is English with Italian interpretation (simultaneous
and running). 

Our travel agency is ready to organize your trip.  Hotel reservations are
available at a special price when you register to attend. 

Light lunches are included in your registration fee and are available at the
convention center.